Restoration of vintage Mercedes-Benzes in Avignon

Showroom address
1519 Avenue Pierre et Marie Curie
06700 Saint-Laurent-du-Var
+33 (0)7 87 14 02 70

By appointment only.

Discover the excellence of our expertise in restoring vintage Mercedes-Benzes. Our absolute commitment is to preserve the identity and authenticity of each vehicle, restoring them to their original condition with unrivalled precision. Every detail is of paramount importance in our quest for perfection, from the bodywork to the internal components and the luxurious interior. Our rigorous selection of high-quality parts and meticulous approach guarantee outstanding results.

How to get to the Showroom

By car: Follow A7/E714 and A8/E80 towards M95D at Saint-Laurent-du-Var.

Take exit 49-St Laurent du Var and leave the A8/E80
Follow M95D towards Av. Pierre and Marie Curie/M95

Journey time: 2 hours 38 minutes

By train:
Take the TGV to Saint-Charles
Take the TER to Cannes
Take the TER and get off at Saint-Laurent-du-Var. Take bus 73 to the médiathèque exit. The showroom will be on your left as you exit the bus.

Restoration of vintage vehicles

Discover our restoration process for exceptional vehicles at Top Classics, the Mercedes-Benz specialist. Here are the key steps in our restoration process:

  1. Thorough inspection: Our experts dismantle the entire vehicle to assess its general condition and each individual component. They meticulously clean and prepare parts for refurbishment.

  2. Bodywork: We carefully sandblast the bodywork to remove all traces of corrosion and prepare the surface for a new finish.

  3. Engine restoration: The engine is completely dismantled and remanufactured with parts supplied directly by Mercedes-Benz, to bring it back to its original state.

  4. Painting: Our specialists prepare the raw steel with precision to apply several coats of paint and give the bodywork an impeccable finish.

  5. Assembly: The engine and mechanical components are reassembled with unrivalled precision in our finishing facilities, ensuring optimum vehicle performance.

  6. Interior: Our team of experts carry out custom leather work and complete interior fittings in our workshops, to provide an impeccable, comfortable interior.

Dive into the world of automotive perfection with Top Classics and treat yourself to a unique experience at the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz restored with passion and expertise.

Our vintage Mercedes-Benzes in Cannes

Price: € 245 000
Year: 1958
Price: € 219 000
Price: € 219 000
Year: 1958
Price: € 219 000
Year: 1958
Price: € 229 000
Year: 1958
Price: € 229 000