Restoration classic cars

Respect for authenticity

We restore classic cars in accordance with best practices and with respect for their individual character. Our experienced team delves into the history of your classic car and then proceeds to restore it step by step in the spirit of the age.

Step 1: Thorough inspection

Our craftsmen disassemble the entire car to check its overall condition as well as that of the individual parts. With the utmost care, the parts are cleaned and prepared for the restoration process.

Step 2: Body

Before your car is repainted, the bodywork is sandblasted to remove any corrosion. All affected or damaged parts are repaired or replaced with new ones.

Meanwhile, the engine, gearbox, axles, suspension, brakes and other mechanical parts are disassembled, cleaned and restored. For this we use spare parts of superior quality.

Step 3: Paintwork

Our specialised crew take their time to meticulously prepare the raw steel for the paintwork. Every car receives several coats of paint to give the bodywork depth. 

Step 4: Assembly

When the paintwork is done, the restored parts are reassembled according to a meticulous method: your classic car is fitted with a new suspension, brakes, wiring harness, entirely new upholstery, the revised original engine and gearbox, a new soft top, chrome parts and tyres.

Restoration with an eye for detail

Every classic car deserves proper care and attention. That is why originality and reliability are the cornerstones of all our classic car restoration projects. This way you are guaranteed a value-proof car that is not only a sight to behold but also a pleasure to drive.

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