Mercedes-Benz Pontoon 220S

Year: 1959
Price: € 239 000

Discover the timeless elegance of the Mercedes 220S Ponton, produced from 1956 to 1959. A symbol of refinement and performance, this collector’s car embodies the golden age of the automobile. With its classic design and harmonious curves, the Mercedes 220S Ponton is a real eye-catcher. Its powerful engine combined with a smooth, comfortable ride delivers an unrivalled driving experience. Whether you want to venture out on the winding roads or simply enjoy a leisurely ride, this iconic Mercedes is ready to take you on a nostalgic journey through time. Immerse yourself in history with the Mercedes 220S Ponton, a true automotive icon that continues to captivate enthusiasts the world over.

Vehicle performance

Performance Features Mercedes Ponton 220S (1959)
Engine 6 Cylinders
Engine size 2195 cm3
Power Approx. 77 kW / 105 hp
Mileage 0 (after restoration)
0-100 km/h Approx. 18.0 s
Maximum speed Approx. 155 km/h / 96 mph

History of the model

The 220S was one of the variants in the Ponton range, benefiting from a more powerful engine and top-of-the-range features. It was equipped with a 6-cylinder engine, offering a balance of power and fuel economy that made it attractive to drivers of the time. The 220S model was renowned for its comfortable ride and sophisticated suspension, making it a pleasure to drive on the varied roads of the day.

The Mercedes Ponton 220S also embodied Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to safety and innovation. It was equipped with advanced features for its time, such as hydraulic power brakes and a body designed to minimize injuries in the event of an accident. This innovative approach to safety has laid the foundations for Mercedes-Benz’s ongoing commitment to occupant protection.

Beyond its performance and technical features, the Mercedes Ponton 220S became an icon of style and sophistication for its time. It embodied understated luxury and German build quality, attracting the attention of motorists looking for a car that was both elegant and reliable.

The Ponton range continued to evolve over the years, but the 1959 220S left a lasting imprint on automotive history as a symbol of the post-war era and the rebirth of Mercedes-Benz as a manufacturer of innovative, elegant top-of-the-range cars.


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